Manchester United’s 2012/13 home kit: Gingham print inspired

Manchester United’s new 2012/13 home kit blends cutting-edge technology with a design inspired by the club’s rich history and close bond with the heritage of Manchester.

This relationship is represented by the striking gingham print which runs through the shirt – a tribute to the world-famous fabric that powered Manchester’s growth from a small market town to a global centre of cotton textiles. Its iconic checked pattern remains an enduring symbol of the city’s culture today.

United itself was forged by industry: it was founded by local railway workers as a focal point for the community in the industrial era. The new design pays homage to the role that working-class values such as respect, hard work and responsibility have played in building a club defined by glory. The new kit truly is 'Made of Manchester'.

Now a powerhouse of world football, the club remains forever intertwined with its local roots. A motto on the inside of the shirt’s collar, 'Forged in Industry,Striving for Glory', reminds the players to uphold this tradition every time they step out on to the pitch.

Manchester-born and raised striker Danny Welbeck said: "As players we’re honoured to pull on the Manchester United shirt. It’s a huge club that means so much to so many people, and the new kit helps remind us what we’re all part of and to give everything we can to keep the tradition going."

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  1. this man utd kit will go nicely with Van Persie's tea tray.


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